SEQ Fibreglass offer an unparalleled, unique and professional service that has been rigorously tested and refined.


  • SEQ Fibreglass have the ability to spray the products directly onto the pool and have all the equipment to do this safely on site. 

  • All pool works carried out by SEQ Fibreglass are covered to reduce dust.

  • Professional ventilation equipment is used on site to extract dust and fumes.


All equipment is brought onsite and is then applied to your existing shell making your pool dreams come true.


The main benefit to applying with a spray gun is the quality of finish. The spray will also allow for a better cure due to chemical mixing being done by the machine rather than human control and guess work.

You can learn more about the fibreglass resurfacing process here.

Do not be misled by other companies that use the older archaic methods of rolling the products on with a paint roller. They may advise you that it may not be suited to your pool or that the spray technique does not give a thick enough coat, this is not the case, the spray method is far superior and more technically advanced for a more even lasting finish.


SEQ Fibreglass have invested a great deal of time and expense into providing its customers with a superior quality product for its customers as highlighted below:


  • The chemical compositions that come from the spray gun are accurately mixed by machine ensuring a uniform and correct cure for a longer lasting product.

  • The finished product looks and feels much smoother than the rolling method which leaves a paint roller texture and an uneven surface.

  • Paint roller applicators mix their product in a pail with a stick and generally guesstimate the correct consistency. There are no accurate measurements for the correct catalyst to product ratio so the cure can be under or over affecting the overall quality of the finish and lifetime of the product.

  • SEQ Fibreglass spray method uses more product than a traditional paint roll applicator and we will happily provide samples so you can decide for yourself.


SEQ Fibreglass can supply references of clients who are more than happy to vouch for the quality of work and confirm SEQ Fibreglass's reputation as a leader in the field of Pool Resurfacing.  Please also refer to our testimonials page.


Short video clip showing a pebblecrete pool being primed and ready for fibreglass.

Short clip showing first coat (Chemical Barrier) being applied to pool after it has been fibreglassed.