SEQ Fibreglass can apply a fibreglass surface to your swimming pool, whether you have concrete, fibreglass, or vinyl pool. Our product can bring back to life any surface that is structurally sound, including leaking dams and ponds using state of the art materials and experienced, professional workmanship.


Fibreglass is an extremely versatile material due to its light weight, inherent strength and weather-resistant finish. It also is chemical and fire resistant and is easily moulded to any shape, which supports our view that fibreglass resurfacing is a superior product compared to synthetic or natural fabrics which wear and tear easily. Furthermore, concrete pool surfaces are known to erode and become rough from age and salt water chemicals, this will require concrete pools to be resurfaced more often unless resurfaced with fibreglass.

Read here why we use fibreglass for our resurfacing.

Fibreglass Resurface

Fibreglass resurfacing explained:


The fibreglass pool resurfacing is applied to the surfaces required as follows:


  • Empty pool.

  • Sand the existing swimming pool surface to remove existing finish and prepare surface.

  • Apply epoxy vinyl ester primer coat. (ex fibreglass)

  • Apply chopped strand matt. This layer enhances the reinforcement of the composite.

  • Application of bonding coat. This layer adds bulk resin to the laminate.

  • Apply vinyl ester fill coat. This layer strengthens the pool surface resistance to chemical attack while simultaneously improving the smoothness of the surface finish.

  • Final finish top coat. This is the final layer of the laminate which can be applied in a variety of colours and adds the final protective and beautiful glossy finish to the pool.

Check out our Colours Brochure to select a colour for your pool.

Our products and services can be applied to most surfaces and is not just for swimming pools.


We can resurface showers and ponds and much, much more. Contact our friendly staff now to see if fibreglass resurfacing is suitable for your project. 


Fibreglass resurfacing is the most reliable and effective way of applying a durable, strong and long lasting waterproofing coat to just about any surface. The products we use are designed to withstand the harsh Australian conditions and will resolve a variety of typical problems associated with water containment such as leaks, cracks. osmosis and damaged surfaces.

You can learn more about osmosis here.


We stand by our 5 year written guarantee on all our resurfacing work.